SmarTense Performance Training

Leadership and supreme athleticism equal the complete athlete. The complete athlete is what we develop at Smartense Training. The goal of every Sport Performance facility is to develop great athletes. This is our goal at Smartense as well. What makes us different is we feel mental preparation is equally important. Our program develops athleticism, mental preparation, and leadership skills. We feel when one develops these three aspects of athleticism you will develop a true complete athlete.


Not every athlete will play his or her sport at the highest level. Every athlete should maximize his or her potential and be successful in the most important game of all…the game of life.

If you are looking to develop a true complete athlete SmarTense training is the place for you.

Sports Performance

SmarTense Trainings Sport Performance Program is designed to develop the complete athlete by focusing on mental and physical enhancement. Our staff’s professional experience and knowledge allows for innovative training and clear direction in every performance session.

We develop our athletes physically by addressing all aspects of athleticism.


Our athletes are taught how to change directions efficiently and how to accelerate quickly.These two components of athleticism prevent injuries and creates top athletes.

Mental Performance

One of SmarTense Training’s Core Purposes’ is investment into every athlete by personal connection and leadership. We believe our culture and environment enables and teaches those in our program to develop characteristics of leadership.


Most great athletes have these characterists. Not every Smart Tense athlete will be a great athlete. We will do our best to enable our athletes to be great people.

Training Benefits


Strong, flexible, efficient muscles increase your overall strength, therefore, reducing the chance of injury and increasing power/explosion.



Our conditioning program enables our athletes to play the last half, 4th quarter or 9th inning with minimal fatigue. These athletes can now focus on winning a game and performing their very best. The best teams in all sports can increase their level of focus and performance during the most pressured of situations. We believe our conditioning portion brings out the best of every athlete.



We use Olympic lifts, plyometrics, proper running mechanics and core training to exert force in the shortest amount of time. This allows you to be the fastest/quickest athlete on the field.


SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness)

The Smartense SAQ athlete will generate force quickly, change direction, create separation, and run away from the competition. The faster the athlete feels, the more confident the athlete competes.


Stability and Mobility

Our stability and Mobility portions of the program act as the connective tissue between SAQ, Power, and Explosion. Without full range of motion, the athlete is limited to certain aspects of their game. We want every athlete to excel In all areas of their game, so he/she will take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.