Professional Baseball Instruction

Why We Are Different

Baseball is a constant development of skill based actions that have to be finely tuned on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is hitting, fielding, running, or pitching… All players must have JOY to continue to compete at a high level. That’s where SmarTense Baseball Instruction comes into play. We are very passionate about not just teaching proper mechanics, but to take every player down a path of success. We do this by building a relationship through every baseball session to create a level of trust and commitment by the player and the Instructor. There is nothing more frustrating than paying top dollar for baseball instruction from someone who sits on a bucket! So, we pledge to be engaging, active, and competitive during every session…not just the first.

Its more than a session… it’s a Culture to invest in.

“Not every athlete will play his or her sport at the highest level.
Every athlete should maximize his or her potential and be
successful in the most important game of all, the game of life.”

Every Session, Every Time

Through the Ups and downs of our baseball careers, we understand how important it is to love the challenge and the competitive nature that lies ahead for every baseball player.

With this approach in mind, we strive to motivate and make every player understand that:
hard work = more fun = more success and opportunities in life, not just baseball.

SmarTense Baseball Coaching Mandate

We promise to teach our philosophy to the best of our ability.
We will always be aware and open to the clients’ previous teachings and personal beliefs prior to their experience with SmarTense Instruction.
We push for two-way communication and involvement so that each SmarTense Instructor can help achieve the player’s specific goals… Better, Quicker.
We take pride in our ability to connect with the client and be as active in their skill development as they want us to be. Even if that includes us giving advice and time away
from our facility.
We promise to operate at our level of standards, which is built through our faith based background and relationship.
We will do our best to set a good example for players to follow in the way we handle
success and failure as a SmarTense Instructor.