Milton Pro Players Park –M3P

Home of the SmarTense Angels Baseball & Softball Program
17160 Birmingham Highway, Alpharetta, GA 30004

M3P is designed to be a high-end Baseball Park for a local and up incoming travel baseball organization, SmarTense Training’s: Angels Developmental Program. It will host all SmarTense Angels practices, tournaments, tryouts, and showcase events, starting the end of June 2017. During the fall, early spring, and summer months, we will be hosting baseball tournaments for all ages and teams. So, please sign up for our SmarTense Digest Newsletter or check us out on our Social Media outlets for updates about our upcoming schedule and offerings. It is conveniently located and accessible from the Milton, Cherokee, Fulton, and Forsyth Counties. M3P is a park for all the Fulton, Forsyth, Cherokee, and Milton Counties highly talented/motivated baseball players. For over a decade all those baseball players and families had to commit their lives away to commute back and forth to East Cobb, just like I did. Now, they won’t have to do this anymore. M3P uses Grade A top-quality turf, environment and player friendly synthetic fill, top-notch facilities for indoor cages, 4 outdoor cages, family entertainment, and overhead lights for late night practices and tournament games. With the partnership and leadership of M3P and SmarTense Training’s organization, we look to become one of the premier places for developing baseball/softball players locally and beyond.

“All I need is one spot and
opportunity to be great!”

During the fall school years, we had to drive to the Complex on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for months at a time. It was a 1 hour drive to the complex and a 50-minute drive back home. Not only did I have to learn to do homework in the car, my parents were the ones that had to provide the transportation for 3 consecutive years. This is where M3P can really impact the community and its local surrounding families.

My name is Jarrett Northcutt, founder of SmarTense Training LLC, and I have lived in Alpharetta for 20+ years. Since the age of 8 years old, I have played highly competitive travel baseball with different programs. As I got older, it was imperative that my family and I sacrifice time, money, and effort for my passion to become the best baseball player I could be. So, that is when we decided to go tryout at the East Cobb Baseball Complex. From the ages of 14u-17u I played for the East Cobb Astros and Cardinals, which was the best way for me to develop and get seen by college and professional scouts.

Phase 1 Buildout

2 Turf Baseball Fields
– 1 turf field for the ages of 12u and under
– 1 turf field for the ages of 13u and up
Grade A turf filled with kid friendly, environmentally approved fill for accurate baseball play
– Red EPDM for the dirt field areas–MEI’s Colored EPDM is made from Virgin EPDM polymers and has excellent UV Stability for lower field temperatures.
– Pro Max 37 TPE Infill for the grass field areas – Completely recyclable, reusable, nonflammable synthetic turf infilling product, ranking it the most sustainable & environmentally conscious infill material in today’s market
2 Story Concession Bar with organic juices, TV’s, sitting area and servers
15,000 sq. Foot Turf Area – built to be a warmup area (Groundballs, Flyballs, Throwing, Catching) for teams in our tournaments, as well as, SmarTense Angels Baseball Program Practices.
4 Outdoor Batting Cages by the fields SmarTense Training’s Secondary Facility – houses Baseball cages and bullpen areas with an Overhead pavilion structure to protect the players from the elements.
A Pond for catch and release fishing Live Streaming Video Cameras – Live in-game viewing for parents. Analytical technology that produces player statistics like velocity, bat angles, and ball rotations. Available for purchase.